Crime Thriller Hound Review

The product of a difficult upbringing, Tommy Sullivan has had it tough. Rough around the edges, he’s a young man just trying to be accepted and have a good time. 

Like a knight in shining armour, Troyer Savage appears in Tommy’s life, getting him out of dangerous situation. Troyer is a good looking ass-kicker and Tommy is in awe of his new friend. Troyer’s way with the ladies is equally impressive but then it all goes horribly wrong after a young woman is murdered in a shocking fashion.  

Forensics, compiling evidence, questioning, they're all there, but this is no procedural crime novel, more a violently chilling psychological ‘buddy’ story of dark manipulation - or is it? Tommy’s doubts are matched by the readers' as the author cleverly handles the mystery with Tommy’s own demons influencing the investigation. There are cops, docs, lawyers and a love interest but this is Tommy’s book. His thoughts and actions, written in present tense, ring true, making him flawed and unhinged and yet a sympathetic and complex character.   

For most of this story Tommy is a wanted man. Evidence points to him as a serial murderer. Efforts to clear his name are hampered by psychological, medical and legal complications, all encountered before the all-important reveal which is saved for the very end.

Pollack sure knows how to use red herrings and this is an impressive debut. Fast-paced and engaging. 

Reader's Favorite Book Review

Reviewed by Karen Pirnot

Howard Pollack has conceptualized and developed a brilliant suspense novel in Everywhere That Tommy Goes. The author introduces us to Tommy, a seemingly ordinary fellow who suffers from intense migraine headaches. Tommy gets into a fight, only to be rescued by his new friend Troyer. But when a bartender turns up murdered, Tommy becomes the prime suspect. Gradually, he begins to question the actions and motivations of the engaging Troyer Savage. The man has an Aussie accent and can charm the skin off a snake and yet, Tommy is strangely attracted to the man. And then, another murder takes place and Tommy wakes up to find himself covered in blood and on the run. As the police begin to build a strong case against Tommy, Troyer disappears and Tommy begins to question his own sanity. He is unable to separate the nightmares of his own reality from the possibilities of an experimental drug which tend to skew and blur the lines of fantasy and reality. 

This is a beautiful psychological mystery in which reality and paranoia produce an increasingly more intense plot. Tommy's character is wonderful in that the reader will sympathize with the man and be suspicious of him at the same time. The plot is developed with intrigue and precision and author Pollock comes off like a skilled story surgeon in command of the scalpel. Even when you get the clues, you're not sure what they really mean. Everywhere That Tommy Goes will keep you guessing until the very end. And then, you will have to guess again.


a novel by Howard K. Pollack