From The Author

Writing is a singular effort that starts out as an internal journey, and if one has the courage to share it with the world it can be the most rewarding of life's experiences. To read another's well crafted work is enlightening and thought provoking. To lose oneself  in the fiction of a clever story is the ultimate escape and the desired goal of every author. As a writer, I am constantly challenged to meet and exceed that standard whenever I put pen to paper. Audiences are ever critical, and more demanding, as the abundance of available fiction increases. Even successful and dedicated writers find it hard to stay relevant in the struggle to entertain with new and exciting storylines. What drives me, though, is when I create a world that engages my readers and keeps them begging for more. For all of you, I endeavor to persevere.

Howard K. Pollack is a life long resident of Long Island and a career attorney practicing there for over twenty-five years. He is a member of the Nassau County Bar Association, the New York State Bar Association, and is admitted to practice in the Federal Courts of the State of New York .  He has been writing for personal enjoyment for many years and has written a few other books.  He was moved to write this particular story when the police and news media made public the facts and mysteries surrounding the Gilgo Beach murders.



a novel by Howard K. Pollack